Casino Royale with Quad Mark Variant

Casino Royale 1st edition with quad mark variant

Keen collectors of Ian Fleming books may have heard of or own the “quad mark” variant of The Spy Who Loved Me (Cape hardback).  Before digital printing took over metal spacers between words were known as quads if a spacer dropped down and touched the paper it was referred to as a quad mark error. On The Spy Who Loved Me the error is between the E and the M of Fleming on the title page.  Such copies are quite rare and carry a price premium with collectors.  The Cape edition of Colonel Sun has a similar quad mark issue.

Details of Casino Royale 1st edition with quad mark variant
Whilst photographing copies of the 1st paperback edition of Casino Royale for this web site I discovered a previously unknown quad mark issue.  The quad mark error is between “Cape” and “Ltd.” on the copyright page. Click on the image to enlarge.

A few collectors have checked their books and multiple copies have been found with and without the quad mark but it’s too early to know how common or rare it is.  The Pan 1st edition is available in 3 different states (2’- price printed to front, no price to front, 2/- price via a label).  So far the following copies have been found:

If you have a 1st edition copy of this book please check and use the comments form to state if it has the quad mark and which state of the book you have (printed price, no price or price label).


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