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Pan | Painted Series | Moonraker 1st. This artwork by Josh Kirby was used only on the 1st Pan edition
This artwork by Josh Kirby was used only on the 1st Pan edition

03. Moonraker

Author : Ian Fleming
Publisher : Pan / Great Pan
Format : Paperback
Series : Pan / Great Pan painted series
Edition : 1st edition
Year : 1956 (first published with this artwork)
Country published : UK
Artwork designer : Josh Kirby

General Notes

Although Moonraker was the 3rd novel in the series it was released in paperback before Live and Die.

Editions and pricing variants found with this artwork

First printing 1956. Copies found with 2/- printed to front and copies found unpriced. An unpriced variant copy has been found with the page block upside down (ie when opened the printing is upside down).  A 1st edition with the 2nd edition "Peff" artwork has also been found, this was probably a transitional printing where excess sets of 1st edition pages were bound with the 2nd edition covers.

Collectors notes

Only the 1st paperback edition features this artwork. This has made the 1st edition quite difficult to find in good condition as whilst some collectors want one of every first edition, others want one copy of every artwork. As such the 1st edition is the only option for both types of collector.

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