Pan | Painted Series | Casino Royale 8th

Pan | Painted Series | Casino Royale 8th. This artwork has only been found on the 8th edition
This artwork has only been found on the 8th edition

01. Casino Royale

Author : Ian Fleming
Publisher : Pan / Great Pan
Format : Paperback
Series : Pan / Great Pan painted series
Edition : 8th
Year : 1961 (first published with this artwork)
Country published : UK

General Notes

The red band at the bottom of the cover shows Ralph Vernon-Hunt as Bond. These editions are known as the “Directors"covers as Vernon-Hunt was the managing director of Pan books at the time. As well as being a model for Bond and MD of Pan books, Vernon-Hunt was a WW2 fighter ace. Casino Royale, Moonraker, Live and Let Die, Diamonds are Forever, From Russia with Love, Dr No and Goldfinger were all issued with different coloured bands showing Vernon-Hunt. Getting a complete set of these is not easy with Dr No perhaps the most difficult to find.

Editions and pricing variants found with this artwork

Listed below are the different editions / variants we have found in our collections. If you have a copy with this artwork please check if your copy fits with the below - if its different please get in touch as even after all these years new variants are still being found. 8th printing 1961

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