Diamonds Are Forever | Pan | Model

Diamonds Are Forever | Pan | Model. This artwork was used for the 23rd printing 1970
This artwork was used for the 23rd printing 1970

04. Diamonds Are Forever

Author : Ian Fleming
Publisher : Pan / Great Pan
Format : Paperback
Series : Pan Model series
Edition : 23rd edition
Year : 1970 (first published with this artwork)
Country published : UK
Relevant article : pan-model-white-series

Editions and pricing variants found with this artwork

​ISBN number 0 330 10235 4. The following editions have been found:

23rd printing 1970. Black pan logo to front cover. Yellow / black pan logo to spine with “M” underneath (code for 5/- price). Pricing on the back U.K. (25p) 5/-, Australia 80c, New Zealand 80c, South Africa 60c, Canada 95c

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