Casino Royale | Friends and Family Edition

Casino Royale | Friends and Family Edition.
Casino Royale | Friends and Family Edition.
Casino Royale | Friends and Family Edition.

01. Casino Royale

Author : Ian Fleming
Publisher : Penguin
Format : Hardback
Series : Friends and Family edition
Edition :
Year : 2006 (first published with this artwork)
Country published : UK
Artwork designer : Ian Fleming

General Notes

​This rather rare “friends and family” edition was published in 2006 to mark the release of the film. The dust jacket design is the same as the original 1953 Cape edition.  Both the book and slipcase have gilt designs inspired by the jacket design. There are three subtle variants with the only difference being to the copyright page: 1.  FF&P logo  (Fleming Friends and Partners - possibly corporate gifts from the banking business) 2.  Fleming Media Logo (A now defunct media company) 3.  Ian Fleming with a 007 logo in a circle (No details known about this variant). The number of copies produced is unknown but assumed to be very small. Only five copies have come on the open market since 2006, putting together a set of all three variants is a challenge for even the most dedicated collector. If you have a copy of this book or any further information about it please get in touch.

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